Engineered Heavy Lift

Engineered Heavy Lift

Advantis Projects has the equipment, skills, and experience needed to move large and heavy components safely and effectively.

Across the spectrum of industrial facilities, heavy lifting support is required for new construction, upgrades and expansions. Heavy lifting has a pivotal role in industrial construction and plant maintenance projects, from infrastructure construction to power plants and wind farms. 

In all of these situations, the most crucial aspect of any heavy lifting operation is that it is carried out safely. It is critical to protect the persons engaged, the cargo, any equipment, and neighboring structures. They should also be arranged to ensure maximum project efficiency and reduce downtime. Because heavy lifting activities are frequently on the critical route, their timely completion is crucial to a project’s schedule and budget.

Advantis Projects provides heavy lifting services to clients in all major industrial sectors. We help clients benefit from increased safety and efficiency by combining specialist equipment and in-depth, sector-specific technical skills. We can frequently identify solutions to shorten the critical route through well planned and coordinated lifting operations, whether it’s a capital project or regular maintenance. As a consequence, facilities can start up or return to operation on time or ahead of schedule.

Specialized Equipment

Advantis Projects has one of the largest and most modern fleet of heavy lifting equipment, from 12-ton pick ‘n’ carry cranes to 250-ton all terrain cranes.

We have the largest combined lifting capacity with a long reach, relatively small footprint, flexible configuration and quick mobilization in the country.

These highly versatile cranes provide significant improvements in construction and turnaround efficiency.

Creative Engineering

We are able to effectively use the power of our equipment is through our creative engineering; a careful plan and the right expertise for a safe operation. Our extensive engineering expertise allows us to prepare and carry out lifting jobs in a way that delivers our customers’ projects on time.

Advantis Projects pays close attention to each critical factor of heavy lifting. Our engineers perform rigging studies to ensure maximum safety and efficiency, weigh objects to determine the center of gravity, draft plans to ensure that lifting operations fit the overall project path and combine all the data to optimize the project timing, and finally, Advantis Projects lifting professionals execute the plan in compliance to the highest industry standards. Often, Advantis Projects methodologies considerably reduce project durations, allowing clients to return to operations as soon as possible.

Reliable equipment

Advantis Projects operates a fleet of state-of-the-art equipment with all the modern features. Our fleet of equipment is ready for deployment at any moment of notice. This commitment to quality gives clients in every sector added peace of mind, knowing that well-maintained, modern and specialized equipment will be used to secure the critical lifting operations of the project.


With creative engineering, years of experience and a fleet of state-of-the-art equipment, Advantis Projects always offers client the most optimised cost. We do this by planning the lifting operation in detail and executing operation with precision and high accuracy.

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