Formerly known as Logiventures, Advantis Projects started offering container transport services in Sri Lanka, with Two Prime Movers and Trailers.


Within next two years that followed, the company expanded its equipment fleet by adding a 50 Ton Rough Terrain Crane and Low Bed Trailers.


The company continued to expand its lifting and transport fleet and added 12 Ton Hydra Cranes, 25 Ton to 50 Ton Rough Terrain Cranes.


Advantis Projects ventures into engineered heavy transport, with the addition of a 16-axle hydraulic modular multi-axle trailer.


The company enters an era of heavy lifting by adding a 160 Ton and 250 Ton All Terrain Cranes to its crane fleet.

Advantis Projects makes its mark as the first-ever Sri Lankan project logistics company to conduct a project logistics operation in Sudan, Africa.


The company showcases its heavy lift leadership with the largest heavy lift fleet for infrastructure projects.

It also conducts a complex sea and land project logistics operation in Maldives.


Advantis Projects continues to expand its equipment fleet, with the addition of five 12 Ton Tower Cranes.

The company beings its expansion in Road Construction by securing its first project.


The story continues with the company continuing to expand its equipment fleet and venturing to new areas of infrastructure development.