General Transport

Advantis Projects, with an unrivaled fleet of equipment, provides safe and cost-effective methods of transferring containerised cargo.

With more than two decades of experience and vast array of transportation equipment, we offer clients unapparelled transport service with island-wide coverage. All our equipment are monitored and management via the Advantis Projects Command Centre. We operate one of the largest and state-art-of-the-art transport fleet in the region.

Only Advantis Projects is well equipped to handle today’s challenges.

Specialized Equipment

Advantis Projects modern fleet of heavy transport equipment is unparalleled in range and capacity, including everything from conventional trailers and modular multi-axle trailers, to jacking & skidding systems and barges.

Engineered Approach

Through our creative engineering, we are able to effectively use the power of our equipment; a careful plan and the right expertise for a safe operation. Our extensive engineering expertise allows us to prepare and carry out complex heavy transport operations, often in remote location, safety, timely and incident-free.

Advantis Projects pays close attention to each critical factor of heavy transport. Our transport planners and engineers perform route surveys and transport studies to ensure maximum safety and efficiency. Advantis Projects operations professionals execute the plan in compliance to the highest industry standards.

Reliability and safety

Advantis Projects operates a modern fleet of equipment, to ensure consistent high standards of quality, safety and reliability on every job we undertake. Each piece of equipment is thoroughly maintained to the highest industry standards. Regular detailed inspections by our engineers, and advanced diagnostic tests are performed to identify and rectify potential issues before they occur, giving our client added peace of mind.


With creative engineering, years of experience and a fleet of state-of-the-art equipment, Advantis Projects always offers client the most optimised cost. We do this by planning the transport operation in detail and executing operation with precision and high accuracy.