Automotive Logistics

Automotive Logistics

We provide innovative and total automotive logistic solutions for vehicle importers, from customs clearance to delivery of any type of vehicle to anywhere in the island.

Ideally located in Hambantota in close proximity to the port, the unit is well equipped with a team of professionals, a vast and well secured yard with all required facilities and a state-of-the-art fleet of vehicle carriers.

Customs Clearance

With over two decades of experience and expertise in customs clearance, documentation and handling, Advantis Projects is the most reliable service provider in Sri Lanka.

Storage of Vehicles

Storage yard in Hambantota is located 1 km from the Hambantota Port.

With video monitoring and surveillance, guards on duty 24/7, fully fenced, clean and ample illumination; the yard is equipped with specially designed vehicle ramps to ensure safe loading & unloading from car carriers.

Our specialist staff are fully trained and committed to act in total compliance with the instructions of our customers, as well as the EHS Operations Quality Manual.

Outbound Logistics

All of our operational & storage locations are located in Hambantota & within Colombo city limits. This enables us to be perfectly positioned to act as a logistic hub.

Our large fleet of customisable car hauler equipment enables us to transport any vehicle model safely and efficiently to any destination. Vehicles within the city can be delivered to the required destination with the use of our experience chauffers’.

With quick access to the expressways and to all other major transportation corridors, we can reach whole Sri Lanka within on driving period. All deliveries will be tracked and trace using our IT systems.


With creative engineering, years of experience and a fleet of state-of-the-art equipment, Advantis Projects always offers client the most optimised cost. We do this by planning the transport operation in detail and executing operation with precision and high accuracy.