Relocation of Tunnel Boring Machine

Relocation of a Tunnel Boring Machine
from 400M Underground to Surface Level

Advantis Projects applied its engineering and project logistics expertise to dismantle a tunnel boring machine underground (400M) and transport components to surface level.

Advantis Projects completed dismantling and relocation of the tunnel boring machine used in the Uma Oya Mutli-Purpose Development Project, in Sri Lanka.

The tunnel boring machine was dismantled within the headrace tunnel, 400 meters below ground. The machine was dismantled into component level, and transported to the surface with the use of special modular multi axle trailers and pullers.

Advantis Projects provided technical solutions (oversight, planning, and management) for the relocation of the project. The project was only feasible with the expertise and equipment of Advantis Projects, due to the narrow caverns for dismantling and transportation.

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