Relocation of 24MW Thermal Power Plant to Karachi

Relocation of 24MW Thermal Power Plant
to Karachi, Pakistan

Advantis Projects, delivered, export customs cleared, and chartered a heavy lift vessel from Colombo Port to Karachi for four (4) 110 Ton Wartsila 18V32LN diesel engine generators, and support components. A total of 7,000+ cubic meters of cargo volume.

Advantis Projects completed the dismantling, packing, customs clearance and delivery of a 24MW Thermal Power Plant from Horana region of Sri Lanka to Karachi, Pakistan.

The complete power plant consisted of four (4) 110MT Wartsila 18V32LN model diesel engine generators and accessories, totaling 7,000 CBM, 166 TEUs, and 1,900MT of cargo.

Advantis Projects provided heavy lift services for dismantling, expertise in freight packing, transport of heavy loads using multi axle trailers, breakbulk transport, container transport, export customs clearance in Sri Lanka, chartering of a heavy lift vessel from Port of Colombo to Karachi.

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