Pollupalai & Vallimunai Wind Power Plant Project

Customs Clearance & Delivery
of Sixteen On-Shore Wind Turbines

Advantis Projects, customs cleared and transported sixteen (16) wind turbine’s; a total of 176 components weighing 3,872 Tons, to Pollupalai and Vallimunai.

Advantis Projects completed the customs clearance and delivery of sixteen on-shore wind turbines to Pollupalai and Vallimunai regions of Sri Lanka.

The wind turbines arrived to Trincomalee Port from India on a heavy lift vessel. The cargo was received directly onto the trailers by Advantis Projects and systematically stored all the components on the Ashroff Jetty, at Trincomalee Port.

The components were then import customs cleared and transported to the project site during special wind mill trailers and low-bed trailers.

All deliveries were conducted successfully, on-time, on-budget and incident-free.


New Generation
Heavy Lift & Transport

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