Stools & Beams

Stools & Beams, made of high-tensile steel, is designed for resting of heavy loads, over a set height from the ground level. During special transport operations, heavy loads will be lifted off the ground, and stooled to allow the special modular multi-axle trailers to pass under the heavy load. 

& Benefits

Increased Strength

The stools & beams are made of high tensile steel for increase load bearing capacity.


With a compact design, stools and beams shipped to any project site at minimal cost, and can be used for a range of applications.

Cost Effective

Using stools and beams, heavy loads can be lifted off the ground, and rested at a set height for extended duration to allow for transportation at a later date. Thereby saving the customers time and money on double handling.


They are built for safety. The design has been in use for decades.