Multi Axle Trailers


Multi Axle Trailers

Multi-axle or “specialized” trailers are specifically designed to carry an oversized or over-dimensional cargo or over-weight. Simply overweight or heavy cargo require more axles to disperse the weight along the roadways to remain legal. Furthermore, these trailers have the ability to combine with more modular axles in order to extend the length or width of the trailer. The addition of more axles also increases the weight capacity, as well.

& Benefits

Max Capacity

With a heavy steel structure, and hydraulic axles, these trailers are design and configured to transport heavy loads


These trailers are designed to be modular, meaning multiple axles can be combined to increase the payload capacity and width/length of the trailer.


The trailer is equipped with height adjustable and steerable axles, with an extreme turning radius of 49° degrees.


These trailers are built with multiple safety measures to comply with the highest industry safety standards,