Motor Grader

Motor grader, also referred to as a road grader, is a narrow multipurpose heavy equipment with a long blade used to flatten surfaces during grading projects. The equipment is specially designed to scrape and shift flat or angled substrate in order to form smooth, level surfaces.

& Benefits

Precision Grading

The Motor grader can deliver spot-on precision with every application. 

Multiple Attachments

The motor grader is compatible with a variety of attachments that allows the machine to plow and break up asphalt.

Great work speeds

The motor graders operate on wheels, they tend to have great traction on several types of terrain. They’re also highly efficient, capable of working at quick speeds and traveling between job sites.


The motor grader is designed for any project site. It’s design allows for better versatility by offering a broad range of capabilities in a single package, from small bulldozing tasks to grading projects in compact spaces.