Hydra-Slide Skidding Systems


Hydra-Slide Skidding Systems

Hydra-slide skidding systems, allow Advantis Projects move loads across surfaces without the use of machinery. The skidding system consists of hydraulic piston fixed to a skidding jack. The extending and retracting movement of the piston moves the foundation steel plates on top which the load is resting. The continuous movement allows for the load to be shifted to any location within the project site safely and with precision.

& Benefits


The skidding system can be transported and deployed in any location. The system is powered by a dedicated diesel power pack. Heavy loads can be moved onto or off foundation within minutes, without the use of cranes or special trailers.


With a compact design, the skidding system can be used in environment, and for a range of applications.

Max Power

The skidding system operates in a high pressure range, which allows for maximum pushing power. More skidding tracks can be added to the system to increase the capacity and distance of the movement.


They are built for safety. The design has been in use for decades.