Aerial Platforms

Aerial work platform, also known as man lift or bucket truck is a commercial truck consisting of a telescopic boom with a fixed bucket used to provide support for people working at height by allowing access to hard to reach elevated areas at a project site.

& Benefits

Closer Access

Truck-mounted access platforms allow you to get close access to hard-to-reach spaces. They work in the areas where rope descent systems just aren’t effective, and ladders are out of the question.

Feeling Safe

Any job you need to do at a height bigger than one story is safer with a truck mounted access platform. Besides, when you hire such a platform, you can take advantage of advice from an experienced operator.

Taking On Tough Projects

When you are working in uncomfortable conditions, such as balancing on a ladder or hanging from a rope, you tire much faster. By climbing a truck-mounted access platform, you are allowing yourself to work in a safe and comfortable environment.

Using Both Hands

Truck mounted access platforms allow you to use both hands and take advantage of as many accessories as you can bring.